Established in 1966, IOSA is a Mexican corporation that has been involved in the research, development, production and commercialization of carotenoids from natural sources for the past 49 years.

Research and Development

We believe competitive advantages are achieved only through research and development as part of today’s economy. Therefore, we invest a high percentage of our income to in-house research and work with several universities worldwide on specific projects.

Our research and scientific associates work every day to develop more efficient products with higher bioavailability at lower costs. All of our efforts and dedication has led us to produce state of the art technologies in our field.

Our People Make a Difference

We are proud of our employees, who are the core of our enterprise. We are an organization with deep family values such as honesty, loyalty, respect, justice and order.

We can satisfactorily mention that our clients in North and South America, Europe and Asia have evaluated our products and permanently use them with excellent results, giving them a competitive advantage.

Our philosophy and primary objective has been to improve natural products by being leaders in the continuous development of technologies to produce and provide more stable, bioavailable and economical carotenoids.

The Carotenoid Development Story

Carotenoids have been conceived for several different industries. For the Feed industry, they are intended to provide the golden skin color of healthy broilers and the bright golden color of egg yolks, which is highly appreciated by customers. For the Aquaculture industry, we have developed highly efficient and low cost carotenoids to supplement feeds, as they are a necessary nutrient for biologic and metabolic functions due to their antioxidant properties. Additionally, our carotenoids are utilized in the Nutraceuticalindustry to help reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), improve Visual Performance and as antioxidant supplements. Lastly, carotenoids are utilized in the Food industry for several applications, such as health drinks, cheese, pasta, yogurt, butter, meats and sausage.

Unique Patents

We have obtained several patents in the U.S. and major markets of the world, including:

 Isomerization of Lutein into Zeaxanthin

 Zeaxanthin derivatives

 Process for 3’ Epilutein extracted from Marigold flowers

 Highly purified concentrates of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Capsanthin for Nutraceuticals

 Highly bioavailable Zeaxanthin for broilers, hens, crustaceans and fish

 Absorption and bioavailabilty of carotenoids, formulations and applications

 Several other processes and applications that have yet to be introduced

Our carotenoids are produced under the strictest standards and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) from the optimization of seeds and plants, to cultivation methods, fertilization and manual harvesting of flowers and peppers. These processes are followed by a gentle dehydration. Then, meals that contain oleoresins are saponified and isomerized, followed by stabilization and standardization. The final products are packaged and distributed.

Our singular processing is unique, allowing us to produce highly bioavailable and stable carotenoids that are superior in quality, resulting in lower costs to our customers.

In our search for better and more economical raw materials, we receive oleoresins and concentrates from several countries where we are directly involved. This allows us to have consistent and reliable raw material sources year-round.

As one of the most capable within the industry, our technical and service department strives to offer premium services to our customers in the field and processing plants.

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